What brand of essential oils are pure and trusted?

Each brand may be processed differently and most “essential oils” on the market are made for fragrance only. There are many variations of products labeled “essential oils”:


  • Chemically-engineered fragrances that smell similar to E.O.’s
  • Labeled “pure” can have poor quality E.O.’s or are poorly processed
  • Labeled “pure” or “organic”, same issues above + “oiled”-down
  • Contain a fraction of real E.O. plus chemically-engineered or oiled
  • Come from poor quality conditions/handling and have no value
  • Poor quality seeds/planting/soil/growing/harvesting conditions
  • Energetically dead! If they’re cheap ($) they’re cheap (quality)!
  • Smells nice but no therapeutic value.
  • Say, “not intended for consumption” or “do not ingest”
  • Say, “for aromatic” or “aromatherapy purposes”

At first glance it may seem hard to tell the quality of an essential oil. Most health food store brands or even brands you can order on-line say things like, “100% pure” or even “organic” but they don’t always specify what is (it can be “pure” canola oil with a “purely” chemical fragrance added)!   To trust that an oil will work in the way it is intended be sure to look for “therapeutic grade”.

Another way I can tell the quality of an oil is whether or not it can be ingested. If it says “not intended for consumption” or “do not ingest” it is not pure oil. Some don’t say either way but might say “for aromatic” or “aromatherapy” purposes. That means “only smell this as a fragrance”. I have called companies to ask if their oils can be taken internally and they all told me the same thing, “Never ingest essential oils!”

I have a huge issue with that because if it’s not healthy for you to ingest then it’s not healthy to breathe into your lungs or to put on your skin!

“If it’s not healthy for you to ingest then it’s not healthy to breathe into your lungs or to put on your skin!”

Your nose is the fastest route to your brain and your skin is your largest organ! Both of those routes get dispersed throughout your entire body.

So, what IS safe to use? In America it should be labeled “Therapeutic-grade”. In Europe they are labeled “Medicinal-grade” and in other countries they are just labeled as “medicine”!

Over the 20 years I have used essential oils I have tried every health food store brand as well as brands from the herb shops I order from on-line and I NEVER noticed any effects to show me that they “worked”. Because of that for many years I thought that essential oils weren’t effective medicine, only natural fragrances. It wasn’t until I tried Young Living’s pure therapeutic-grade, medicinal quality oils that I saw positive outcomes.

One of the reasons that pure essential oils work is because they never have exactly the same constituents. The essential oils within the plant help the plant to adjust to the changing atmosphere or conditions within the plant or around it. This means the exact constituents of the plant or its oil will differ, ever-so-slightly, from one plant to the next. That very nature of change is what makes these herbs, plants and oils so powerful! This is what makes harmful microorganisms unable to create a resistance to them like they do to the pharmaceutical drugs and antibiotics.

Young Living Essential Oils Seed to Seal

The only brand that I trust to be pure and “active” is the Young Living brand. (You can click the seal to the right to learn about their “Seed to Seal” Commitment in a beautiful interactive video!)  They are the original and most trusted Therapeutic-grade Essential Oil company in America – founded over 20 years ago on Biblical principles. The founder and owner is a Naturopathic Doctor, was trained in France under top Aroma therapists and is a godly man. Besides being a world-renowned aromatherapist, his capacity as a doctor and research scientist is by far the most valuable component to this company.

* I have added the following information to intercept any possible confusion:

There is now one other brand of therapeutic-grade essential oils on the market in the U.S. It set up to work exactly like YL. It was started when executives from the first company (YL) left to start their own business. They have since made many of the same oil blends and products as YL (but have labeled them different yet similar names). Many have one ingredient different here or there when there is a proprietary issue. I don’t believe they have “stolen” any exact copyrights, formulas, etc. I don’t doubt that their products are of similar quality to YL’s because they were based off of them. I do credit that company with state of the art marketing strategies (that is what their leaders are good at).

I trust Young Living, the original company, whose leader has the ancient wisdom of natural medicine and a biblical business ethic. Young Living also has a vast variety of products, developed over 20 years, to choose from.

Please note: there are many false claims on the internet attempting to discredit both of these companies. Most of the accusations are not trueconcerning either side! Sadly, individuals hoping to sell products have tried to use these tactics thinking it will help their own brand to sell. You may notice that none of those claims are directly from either company.

I do not participate in negativity. I will not discredit any other company or share unsubstantiated gossip. Please know that I will not permit any negative comments or accusations concerning EITHER company in the comments of this website. Thank you in advance for keeping Abundant-Wellness a negativity-free zone! I think there’s an oil for that…

The following short video is an excerpt of the testimony explaining why I choose Young Living’s Therapeutic-grade essential oils – it was an answer to prayer that was confirmed in 3 days in 3 different ways!

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