How can I use these oils for my family’s health?

Therapeutic-grade essential oils can be used aromatically, topically and internally.

Aromatically essential oils are used by inhalation:

  • Inhale directly from the bottle
  • Put on a cloth, cotton ball or tissue
  • Diffuse into the air

The fastest method for essentials oils to enter the body is through the limbic system. An odor molecule is picked up by the olfactory cells of the nose. It is transported via receptor sites making its’ way to the amygdala. The limbic system includes areas in the brain such as the: hippocampus (long-term memory), amygdala (emotions), hypothalamus (autonomic nervous system and hormones) and cingulate gyrus (regulates blood pressure, heart rate and attention).

Being so closely tied to the brain’s limbic system it is obvious how essential oils can quickly effect physiological and psychological benefits.

The 2nd way that essential oils are used is by Topical Application. (Many essential oils are safe to use directly on the skin). Essential oils can be applied “neat” (which means as is) or diluted with a “carrier oil” like olive oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil or Young Living’s carrier oil blend “V6”.

  • Place 1-3 drops in the palm of your hand and place on the desired area by rubbing in a circular motion. (When you are finished then hold hands up to your nose and inhale deeply 3 times.) There is also an application technique called “Vita-Flex”.
  • You can also use the roller-ball bottle attachment from Young Living to apply directly to targeted area.

Essential oils are transdermal and can reach every part of the body within minutes. Some effective areas to apply the oils to:

  • Over particular organ, joint, muscle or area of pain/issue
  • Temples
  • Base of skull/beginning of the back of neck
  • Behind ears
  • Base of neck (thyroid area)
  • Chest (thymus area)
  • Between breasts (heart area)
  • Inside of wrists (then rub together in a circular motion)
  • Bottoms of feet (strong oils put on the bottoms of feet can often be tasted in mouth in less than a minute!) This is the 2nd fastest way to get the oils into your system.

Important Information & Common Sense

  • Never put oils in the eyes or directly into the ear canals
  • Caution should be taken not to put strong oils on sensitive areas of skin (or in a bath!)
  • If using the oils on babies, the elderly or someone with extremely sensitive skin – apply a fatty carrier oil to the area first then apply the essential oil on top of that
  • If an essential oil is ever put somewhere it shouldn’t be or someone finds that a particular oil feels irritating then apply a carrier oil to disperse it (not water!)
  • Pure therapeutic-grade essential oils do not cause allergic reactions. If someone has an adverse reaction to a pure therapeutic-grade essential oil it is usually because of the toxins accumulated in that person that are reacting to the work of the oil. Often times it is because the oil is cleansing and “de-toxing” and the person’s reaction is actually the sign that the natural medicine is doing its job.

More is not better! Essential oils are the most economical AND effective healing tool vs. costs of store meds or pharmaceuticals drugs (or even herbal capsules, teas or tinctures!)

The third method of use is: Internal Consumption

(*Disclaimer: Many pure therapeutic-grade Young Living essential oils can be utilized as dietary supplements. This is a list of ways oils have been used internally – this is not a prescription for their use. Please confer with your health care professional before ingesting anything medicinally)

  • Place several drops into a gelatin capsule and swallow with water
  • Place several drops into a gelatin capsule with a carrier oil to dilute and use as a rectal suppository (depending on the oil or blend of oils and the issue being treated)
  • Add a few drops to water or other beverage (preferably not too hot) and drink
  • Add a few drops to honey, yogurt, butter, applesauce, cottage cheese, hummus or dips or other prepared food (different oils will naturally taste more appropriate with some foods)

*I* have placed the oils (like Thieves oil blend [for immune support] and DiGize blend [for digestive support]) directly under my tongue – but personal tolerance is cautioned!

You only need between 2 -6 drops at a time (depending on area or method of application).
There are about 250 drops of essential oil in a bottle!

Young Living Thieves Oil

1 drop of essential oil = 20 tea bags and 250 drops = 5,ooo tea bags!

Essential oils are much more potent than capsules, tinctures or teas because they are made from the oils of the plants not from dried herbs…remember how much higher the frequency of essential oils is to dry or even fresh herbs!

All of that said, I will reiterate that if you are unsure of what to do – seek the advice of a qualified natural healthcare professional.

Above all, educate yourself, use common sense and take responsibility of your life and those entrusted to your care.

Young Living Essential Oil Drop

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