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Fresh Organic Vegetables - A great part of your diet!
What type of diets, remedies, supplements or lifestyle changes might be suggested?

Concerning diet:
If you’re wondering what popular diet we “believe in” the answer to that is none!  We believe that nutrition is not a religion, a fad to be followed, or a club to be joined; food is sustenance for human beings. There are over 7 billion people on this planet now so that means there are over 7 billion different diets.  The diet that is right for one will be different for his neighbor.  The diet for that one person will even need to differ and change throughout their life as they adapt to their current needs, age, location and climate.

The truth is, with most of the common “diets” out there, there are usually many good qualities to be found in all of them. Many people find that they experience health improvements, lessoning of symptoms or desired weight loss from each diet! So many of those diets claim to be “the only one” to do that. But they all claim to be the only one! How do you know which one is right for you?

I’ll let you in on a little secret: the reason they all show improvements (short-term) is because they all have 1 thing in common – they all eliminate the “bad” stuff. The problem comes when diets are imbalanced over a long period of time. The short-term symptom improvements are shadowed by new symptoms and issues. I could go on about pretty much every diet type because I have tried them all over the years!  I’ve found that balance is the key. Our goal is to find the food that is the best fuel for you.

Fermented Vegetables – part of a balanced diet
Healthy balanced diets should include fats, carbohydrates and proteins – none of the macro nutrients should be eliminated altogether except for temporary therapeutic purposes. Although there are many times when this is appropriate but not for everyone, all the time. Their should be healthy fats, clean protein and a small amount of real food carbohydrate. Again, the exact proportions are different for every person and at different times.

  • Good pure clean water is fundamental to life. Your body needs it to function.
  • It is generally best to consume foods produced locally and in season.  Produce that is grown organically (not necessarily “certified” organic) is healthier and is guaranteed not to be genetically modified or engineered.
  • Dairy (if tolerated) should be local, raw and preferably even fermented in some way.
  • Meat animals (if eaten) should be raised on pasture eating grasses as they were designed to do and, if supplementation is necessary to meet their dietary requirements, it should be properly prepared without any GMO feeds.
  • Chickens (if eaten) should be raised free-range eating the bugs they were created to consume and supplemented to meet their dietary needs without GMO’s. Likewise, eggs should come from the same type of healthy hens.
  • Fish (if eaten) is best wild-caught from cold clean waters.
  • Herbs (even bitter herbs) are highly nutritious (even medicinal) and should be included in a healthy diet.  They should be grown organically just like fruits and veggies.
  • Grains, in moderation, (if tolerated at all) are now more digestible in the gluten-free varieties.  The only glutinous grain that I would suggest today is organic Einkorn wheat. Any grains should ideally be prepared by soaking, sprouting or sour-dough methods.
  • Fermented and cultured foods are an important part of a healthy diet. They keep good gut flora balanced. See my “how-to” videos on our Media page!
  • Fruits are best eaten whole as opposed to juiced (to get their fiber to help metabolize the sugar).  Fruits should be eaten sparingly like a dessert or treat – not as a meal.  Another point to remember is that historically most cultures and geographic regions only had a few fruits that grew there and those only grew during a small season of the year.  We weren’t meant to have every sweet and juicy thing at our disposal everywhere, year ’round.
  • Sugars should be minimized and preferably in the form of raw honey, coconut palm sugar, naturally fermented sugar alcohols and stevia (we like a combination).
Yummy Veggies!

Concerning Remedies & Supplements:
These may be as simple as some sea salt, raw apple cider vinegar or Epsom salts from your kitchen or bathroom cabinet! Medicinal remedies may also be in the form of therapeutic-grade essential oils, herbs, homeopathies, flower essences or other natural supplements.  The remedy might also be to remove or add a particular food, food group, activity or habit.

Natural Medicine

Concerning Lifestyle choices or changes:
These may include considering your levels of stress, physical movement, or emotional and spiritual health.

You mention things like “spirit, soul and body”.  What type of spirituality is this?

We are Christ followers and believe that God created us in His image.  We believe in God the Father, Jesus His Son and our Holy and Eternal Sacrifice and in the Holy Spirit, our Helper. We feel no need to convince you of whom we believe or why but we would love to introduce you to Him.  We believe that the ancient Holy Scripture including its Old and New Testament portions are the Earth’s and its inhabitants’ owner’s manual.  We believe every answer to our needs is found there and through the Word that spoke it. We don’t believe in man’s religious rules or barriers but we do believe in the supernatural power of the One who breaks down all walls.

Being a female healthcare professional, do you see men alone in your office visits?

No.  We gladly make office appointments for men but ask that a spouse, relative or friend accompany you for discretionary purposes.  If no one is available to accompany you for your visit we would be happy to have someone here join us in the office for the consult or we can make your appointment by phone or e-mail.

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