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Starting the journey

How can I help you get to your abundantly well-thy place? Let’s get together and make a “travel” plan custom made just for you.  It doesn’t matter where you are starting from on this health journey  – you are not alone. I can travel the road with you, give you directions, pointers, and even a few awesome short-cuts! We’ll take the natural route to get there!

Yummy food recipes

I have some insider’s secrets to the all the best places on this trip to healthy and happy; yummilicious things for you to eat, amazing new “places” for you to visit and adventures to explore.

Delightful Detours

You can think of me sort of like your personal natural health tour guide. Think of this health journey like more of a fun road-trip with lots of delightful detours where all those picture perfect moments happen!  We’ll celebrate all of your milestones! It may be a bit of an archaeological adventure at first, as we dig to get to the roots – but Oh! the treasures we will find!

Looking years younger

Don’t you love it when you get back from vacation and everyone comments on how awesomely rested you look? Maybe even years younger? They want to know if you’ve been working out. Or perhaps they see that twinkle in your eye and wonder if you’re pregnant! Get ready for WAY more of that!

A few minutes of time is all that is standing between where you are now and the beautiful place you can be tomorrow. Besides, what’s a little bit of time today (spent wisely!) compared to the lifetime of health and happiness that is waiting for you? You are SO worth it!

Ready to start your journey to Abundant Wellness? It’s as easy as 1-2-3!


To accommodate both your local and long-distance needs we offer 3 appointment options for you: office, phone or e-mail. We have 3 types of visits: Initial Evaluation & Consultation, Re-evaluation & Consultation, and Wellness Visits. Our phone and e-mail appointments are available internationally in the English language or via translation applications. We are pleased to provide appointments for persons of any age (with a parent or legal guardian present for those under 18).

I have varying times set aside to spend with you from Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Eastern USA time. (Special time arrangements may occasionally be made for extenuating circumstances for an additional fee.)


For details about Initial, Re-evaluation and Wellness consultation options as well as consultation fees, please click the button below to request your no-obligation information.

As a thank-you for your interest and to get you started on your journey to abundant wellness I would also like to send you my complimentary e-booklet:

7 Essential Supplements (for the Abundantly Healthy and Well-thy) and Why We Need Them.

7 Essential Supplements


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Angelia Anderson, CNHP (and Abundant Wellness) is not a governmentally-trained and regulated allopathic medical doctor nor acts as one, and does not diagnose disease or prescribe pharmaceutical drugs. The intent and purpose of Abundant Wellness and Angelia Anderson, CNHP is to educate and minister, by counsel of health and wellness including Scriptural choices and Biblical prayer. It is each person’s free-will choice to live in abundant health and wellness and it is the accumulated effect of those daily choices that make it happen.