How Does the Body Work? (What is Natural Health? Part 3)

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Share this PostHow Does the Body Work? (What is Natural Health? Part 3) Do you know how your body “works”? Did you ever play the game “Operation” as a kid? Did you take Biology in school? Perhaps you’ve watched a PBS special about the human body and how it functions or maybe an episode of “Grey’s Anatomy”? Most people aren’t ... Read More

Join the Abundant-Wellness RevOILution!

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Share this PostJoin the Abundant-Wellness RevOILution! Are you well-thy? Are you fulfilling your purpose? Are you living abundantly? I’m looking for several motivated people who are ready to start answering “yes!” to those 3 things and to help others to do the same. Here’s the deal… As a Certified Natural Health Professional I appreciate and use the variety of ways ... Read More

Is Wal-Mart a Health Food Store?

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Share this PostIs Wal-Mart a Health food Store? Watch my newest video to see this reality shockumentary filmed at a real local Wal-Mart in broad daylight!!! Secretly filmed with nothing but an iPhone and a desire to seek the truth... What do you do if you don't have health food stores, fancy city farmer's markets or Whole Foods stores in your neck ... Read More

The Natural Cures Movement

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Share this PostThe Natural Cures Movement Hey! Have you heard about the Natural Cures Movement? Home remedies and natural medicine alternatives shouldn't have to be a "new" movement but it is at least a welcome sight to see the world rediscovering our health roots! As a Certified Natural Health Professional my business is to help you find natural ways to ... Read More

What is Natural Health? – Part 1

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Share this PostWhat is Natural Health? (part 1) I hear this a lot, “What is this whole ‘natural health’ thing about anyway?” …so, I thought it might be a good topic to cover. We’re gonna ask a lot of questions and try to explain the answers in real life terms – with as little woo-woo, crunchy talk as possible. Generally, ... Read More

Welcome to!

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Share this PostWelcome to! I'm so glad you're here! If you are new, I'm glad you came. If you're a subscriber from our last site at Real Life Natural Health - it's good to have you back!  Take a look around at our new website: The Home page is a great place to start. If you want to know more about ... Read More