How can I join the Abundant-Wellness team of natural health advocates?

That’s easy. When you sign-up for Young Living wholesale membership I am your sponsor and enroller. That means that I personally mentor you in your experience. At first, it may seem like you need so much help to get where you need to be in health and happiness but as you start to use these healing modalities you begin to see a positive cumulative effect. I see it time and time again! Pretty soon your (physical, spiritual, mental and emotional) health issues start to fade away and hope replaces despair as you gain strength and encouragement. People notice major changes like that! The more oils you use in different ways every day the more the synergistic qualities of each one works together to create a whole greater than the sum of the parts. Before you know it you will be hearing people mention that they see the differences and changes in you and asking you how you did it. That’s when you become an advocate for natural health! You simply tell your friends, family, co-workers and acquaintances what you did and what you used.

Once you join my “team” we work together. I encourage you on a regular basis and offer natural health knowledge and information for you to learn and to share with others. All of this at no cost to you – except the cost of giving up the old, sad, unhealthy ways of living!

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